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  • Mental Health Resources

    Mental Health Resources

    Trauma-Informed Care (book):

    Information about Lexapro from Choosing Therapy:

    The National Substance Abuse Hotline:

    Addiction Help website:

    How to keep children safe online:

    For parents with children and adolescents who use social media:

    A legal resource regarding social media and cyberbullying:

    For parents concerned about bullying in early childhood education:

    An international list of mental health support:

    Mental Health Resources for BIPOC community members

    The BIPOC Project:

    Addiction in the BIPOC Community:

    Healing Racial Trauma:

    Therapy for Black Women and Girls:

    Therapy for Black Men and Boys:

    Therapy for Indigenous Individuals:


    Indigenous Women Wellness:

    Mental Health Resources for LGBTQIA+ community members

    Transgender Youth (book):

    Wellness Resources for the LGBTQIA+ Community:

    Addiction Resources for the LGBTQIA+ Community:

    Trans and Queer Wellness Resources:

    Gender Affirming Verbal Communication:

    Health Information for the LGBTQIA+ Community:

    National Center for Transgender Equality:

    Resources for LGBTQ+ Adoptive Parents:

    Resources for LGBTQ+ Elders:

    Tips to stay safe online as a member of the LGBTQ+ community:

    Mental Health Resources for People with Disabilities

    Sexuality and Disability:

    Mental Health for People with Disabilities:

    Women with Disabilities:

    An advocacy group for children born with cerebral palsy or other birth injuries:

    A legal resource for people with disabilities regarding birth injuries: 

    This resource is geared toward Veterans, however, if you are a parent diagnosed with cancer, this may also help you have the conversation about your health with your children:

    Information for Individuals Living with Anxiety Disorders: